Bearing fruits in work advancement in first half

发布时间: 2021/8/18 11:25:00


  Beijing has issued the Intellectual Property Development Plan during the 14th Five-Year Plan to set up a special column to construct a high-level demonstration area for the administrative adjudication of patent infringement disputes.


  Under the guidance of Liaoning Province Intellectual Property Protection Regulations, Liaoning strives to consolidate the foundation of the administrative adjudication system for IP disputes and advance the mechanism innovation. 


  In Shanghai, implementation measures have been made to carry out the pilot work of implementing the judicial confirmation procedures for administrative mediation agreements on IP disputes, which helps to empower administrative mediation agreements with compulsory enforcement. 


  Jiangsu opened the patent administrative adjudication system to provide a service and management entrance, which provides the airtight information management of administrative adjudication case's acceptance, filing, approval, handling and closing. 


  Zhejiang highlights "strengthening the administrative adjudication of IP infringement disputes" and builds up a grand scheme of IPR protection in its issued 14th Five-Year Plan for Intellectual Property Development. 


  Anhui has issued the Implementation Plan for the Pilot Construction of Administrative Adjudication on Patent Infringement Disputes to construct the administrative adjudication and enhance IPR's administrative protection.


  Hubei has compiled and issued the handbook for administrative adjudication of patent infringement disputes, smoothing the acceptance channels for administrative adjudication and guiding patent owners to solve infringement disputes through administrative adjudication.


  In accordance with the Regulations on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen issued the country's first Intellectual Property Administrative Injunction Decision to promptly curb infringer's continuing patent infringements. 

(Editor Wang Xumeng)

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