Global Fortune Report: China Home to 115 Top Companies in 2017

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  In recent years, an increasing number of Chinese household brands like Haier, Hisense, SINOPEC, Huawei, ZTE, Aucma have been making their names on the global stage.There were 115 Chinese companies listed on the 2017 Global Fortune 500 companies, 5 more  than 2016, a new high and still counting after 14 consecutive years.

  "More Chinese brands being shrined has become a scene either in Fortune 500 or in Global Top 500 Brands. I would like to commend Chinese companies for their devoted performance in transforming Made in China to Created in China,"said Liu Fengjun, a professor of School of Business, Renmin University.

  According to the Euromonitor International, Haier has ascended to the top spot in global appliance sales for eight years in a row, commanding 10.3% of the world's white goods market. Ever since the start of the 21st century, the global brand strategy of Haier has propelled it into the fast lane, and brand integration steadily transformed Haier from the world top white goods brand into a world premier appliance brand cluster featuring many brands, selling a brand range of appliance products that suit different markets.

  "Brand is a name card of a nation and a symbol of its industrial might as well. The actual situation in China still begets full gas on that skinny pedal," said Liu. According to two reports issued by the United Nations Industrial Development and Organization and World Brand Lab respectively, China ranked the fifth in industrial competitiveness and brand power. The fifth means China needs to build its competitiveness based on high quality goods and reputable brands en route to powerful from merely big.

  In fact, registered trademark is an important indicator of brand. Although China houses the world's largest trademark filings and cumulative effective registered trademarks, few brands dare to boast themselves of being a notable and reputable world-class brand. It is not commensurate with the standing of China as the leading nation in manufacturing, but to a large extent affects the transformation and upgrade of manufacturing.

  China has been a major player in world goods trade for many years, indicating constant elelvation of international competitiveness of the country's products. High-speed trains, ships, large capacity generators have become the card of Chinese brand. More Chinese products are following their footsteps to build names at home first. "Under the new circumstance of innovation-driven development strategy, Belt and Road Initiative and policies inspiring mass innovation and entrepreneurship, Chinese companies are carving out the intrinsic value of their brands through innovation, building glistening Chinese brands and polishing the name card of the country," added Liu.(by Zhao Jianguo)

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