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  Roquefort of France is a textured cheese made from whole-fat fresh sheep milk. It is the product of protected designation of origin. Through the EU-SINO pilot project of mutual recognition of geographical indication products, Roquefort enjoys the geographical indications products protection in China.

  Cheese production has a long history in Roquefort region of France, where cheese-making vessels have been found in prehistoric sites. Since the eighth century, a large number of documents, such as contracts, agreements and certificates, which refer to Roquefort cheese, have been found in the Roquefort area.

  Roquefort's special quality comes from the interaction between human beings and nature. On the one hand, raw materials come from the milk of sheep raised in accordance with local traditional ways. On the other hand, Roquefort matured in the natural cellar environment of rock caves under the limestone cliffs of the Cambaro Mountains. This natural miracle gave Roquefort unparalleled flavor.

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