Huawei launches server chipset as China pushes to cut reliance on imports,CNBC

发布时间: 2019/1/9 10:06:00

  Huawei Technologies Co Ltd on Monday launched a new chipset for use in servers, the chipset - called the Kunpeng 920 and designed by subsidiary HiSilicon, its latest 7 nanometre, 64-core central processing unit (CPU) would provide much higher computing performance for data centers and slash power consumption.At a time when China is pushing to enhance its chip-making capabilities and reduce its heavy reliance on imports, Huawei aims to "drive the development of the ARM ecosystem".(Huawei launches server chipset as China pushes to cut reliance on imports,CNBC)


  Chinese companies are entering the world ranks. The future of China's chip industry relies on independent R&D and innovation,breaking established technology barriers and winning the market gradually. The successful development of this chipset is of great significance to the formation of the computer industry loaded with self-reliant IPRs.



 (Editor Shao Jingjing)

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