In Tencent's Future, It Won't Be the Humans Who Chat, Bloomberg

发布时间: 2019/1/16 10:27:00

  Apple Inc.'s biggest competitor in China isn't Xiaomi Corp. or Huawei Technologies Co. It's Tencent Holdings Ltd.Industry observers have known for a while that Tencent's WeChat, including its Mini Programs platform, has the potential to displace the App Store. Now the company seems set on building out the long tail, maximizing value beyond mainstream usage of its core products.(In Tencent's Future, It Won't Be the Humans Who Chat, Bloomberg)


  Development prospects of tech companies often depend on their core technology. Tencent always insists on independent innovation and constantly improves intellectual property protection of its innovative achievements, and also constantly enriches its service and connotation and expands its business imagination.



(Editor Shao Jingjing)

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