Napa Valley (Wines)

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  Napa Valley (Wines) is a wine produced in California and produced with at least 85% or more grapes from the Napa Valley "American Wine Growing Area" in Napa County. China has implemented the geographical indications products protection for Napa Valley (Wines) since September 2012.

  Napa Valley has a temperate climate suitable for the growth of high-quality wine grapes. It has a variety of soil types which is formed by plate movement, volcanic activity and river alleviation. The climate of grape growing season is characterized by abundant sunshine during the day, warm and dry, and cool at night, which provides good natural conditions for grape ripening slowly and evenly.

  Napa Valley has a long history of producing wine. In the 1940s, vineyards had been established in this region. In 1861, the first breweries were established to produce wine in accordance with specific cultivation, harvesting and production technical specifications. Napa Valley (Wines) tastes mellow, full-bodied, with natural acidity and pure fruit flavor, and with fruit, flower, soil, spices, nuts and herbs aroma.

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