Scottish Farmed Salmon

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  The western coast of mainland Scotland, Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland Isles are the origins of Scottish Farmed Salmon. The Scottish farmed salmon features large size body, silvery shiny appearance, tight and smooth flesh, delicious taste and fibrous shape. The color saturation of the fish is at least 26 point of the Roche colorimetric fan. China has implemented the geographical indications products protection for Scottish Farmed Salmon since May 2011.

  In the aquaculture area of Scottish Farmed Salmon, the lake water is pure, the bay water is turbulent, the oxygen supply is sufficient, and the water temperature fluctuation is very small. The unique and stable regional environment helps to speed up metabolism, increase the weight of Salmon and avoid excessive fat accumulation.

  Scottish Farmed Salmon breeding variety is Atlantic salmon. It follows the professional and technical requirements to hatch eggs, raise fry, mark juveniles, transfer cages, catch, package and distribute, which ensures the unique quality of Scottish Farmed Salmon.

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