China's street-dancing stilt walkers risk safety in exchange for thrills,CNN

发布时间: 2019/2/27 9:35:00

  A centuries-old tradition: China's stilt. For centuries it be present at major events including New Year celebrations, important birthdays and funerals. But as China modernizes, the stilt walkers are facing a new challenge: keeping their audience interested. So troupes has gradually been working on some new moves, and for inspiration they looked to the Internet. They got this new style from these videos online showing street dance moves.(China's street-dancing stilt walkers risk safety in exchange for thrills,CNN)


  Innovation makes Chinese traditional cultures more dynamic. In a bid to keep national culture alive, Chinese folk artists explore the integration of Stilt Art and Pop Dance through Internet and stick to cultural inheritance and innovation during the inheritance of Chinese Stilt.



(Editor Shao Jingjing)

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