China to introduce new generation of driverless trains in 2020

发布时间: 2019/3/13 10:37:00

  Faster generation of driverless magnetic levitation trains is set to debut in China as early as 2020. It's built and developed independently in China by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotives Co. Ltd., .The newly developed maglev prototype will run at a speed of 200 kph -- 40 kph faster than the 2.0 version and double the speed of the 1.0 version. When finished, the trains will be the fastest commercial maglevs developed and built completely by Chinese firms. (China to introduce new generation of driverless trains in 2020,CNN)


  In recent years, in addition to the continuous development independently of railway transportation in China, magnetic levitation system has gradually moved to research and development and innovation, which is of great significance to promote the development of magnetic levitation transportation technology in China.

(Editor Shao Jingjing)

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