What kind of technology we see in the Games?

发布时间: 2021/9/8 10:16:00

  The New Live Experience Image System

  A new type of projection mapping technology named high-speed tracking projection mapping has been applied at the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This technology adopts the latest technology of infrared capture and employs the high-speed tracking and calculation processing to project up to 1920 images per second, giving off-site audiences immersive feelings.

  Intelligent forest and grass cloud platform

  In order to decorate the Tokyo Olympics, Japan has developed and improved the quality retaining agents, low-oxygen treatments and packaging materials to cultivate the basic varieties of early-maturing and long-lasting flowers. The main flowers of the bouquets presented to the medal winners at the award ceremonies, cover Eustoma russellianum and polygonatum odoratum from Fukushima-Ken, and sunflowers from Miyagi-ken.

  Sudden Rainstorm and Tornado forecasts

  The Tokyo weather forecast system has been upgraded to accurately predict extreme weathers including sudden rainstorms by developing and employing multi-parameter phased array weather radar and flood observation, analysis and prediction technologies. At the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the system was used to judge whether outdoor sports events should start, suspend or continue.

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