• Beijing
  • In the recently-closed Beijing 2018 Book Fair, 736 book companies displayed their 500,000 books published since 2017.[Particular]

  • Liaoning
  • Recently, there were 12,131 patents logged on Liaoning IP operation platform.[Particular]

  • Anhui
  • In 2017, Anhui province filed 93,527 inventions patent applicatons, 12,440 of which were granted.[Particular]

  • China IP Publicity Week Launches
  • The National Publicity Week 2018 with the theme of fostering innovation culture and respecting intellectual property was officially launched in Beijing on April 20.[Particular]

  • Healthcare: Cancer breakthrough
  • As biotech has gone from strength to strength over the past four decades, China has been a backwater for the industry, tending to follow the west rather than pursuing its own innovations.[Particular]

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